TEO, Loukoumi Bar, Avissinias, Monastiraki, Λουκούμι, Αβησσυνίας, μουσική, dj set

Friday 16 June

DJ set by TEO at Loukoumi Bar,
Avissinias sq. 3

Date time: 20:00

Free entrance

I try to collect sounds of different places and some of them I mix up a bit with electronic sounds of DJs from Berlin and Argetinia, but also others. I’d like to not create a certain stigma of a place like ‘orientalize’ the orient, by playing only traditional sounds, but also include a wider spectrum of music of those places – like islandic hip hop, or senegalese disco, feminist rap, agit pop from germany, electronic cumbia from argentina/Brazil and songwriting from Iran. I generally put more focus on finding the music I love to listen to loudly, than evolving the tech-skills ? I identify as trans-non-binary and perform in drag, which means: not naked and with an added beard. ❤


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