Didi Kaleya

Didi Kaleya is a musician,dj,producer.

He started to participate in local bands as a guitar player at the age of 15.
In 2008 he was one of the foundation members of the reggae band Bongo Tchaka.Even though they recorded several demos and played gigs they never released an album.
In 2010 he was the bass player of the blues,folk,rock n roll band Remi & the road.they released 2 albums (Street Serenade & The Gospel of the Road).
Didi kaleya was also Djing at bars in Athens since 2005.
In 2012 he came up as a reggae DJ under the name M-Chop which changed to Didi Kaleya 3 years later.



Sibu is a DJ/producer based in Athens. He continually works to blend music genres and trends of sound to create the freshest set with
a roots style influenced by African, Caribbean and South American music. Since 2011, Sibu’s remixes have aroused not only his audiences,
but DJs and radio shows throughout Europe, have featured his tracks. His official releases include ‘Sibu & Joe Nagall ft Bonze’s Fuel
– Abeni’- Carnibal Records and ‘Sibu-Jasmin’- Shango Records. Currently, he is engaged in producing new work and remixes and playing
at several venues. The concept of his dj sets is to go from the past to the future.



Δισκογραφική εταιρεία
Shango Records
Carnibal Records


Junior X


Junior X

Junior’s style can be described as a melodic downtempo to atmospheric soundscaping. He has been working as a DJ for years in clubs and radios around Greece,he has participated in a number of international festivals and had the honour to find himself in the same stage with well-known artists such as: Eat Static, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, H.u.v.a. Network, Asura, Odiolab, Headweller, Ott, Gaudi, Ghetto Priest From Asian Dub Foundation, Direct Connection, Fleck, Vlastur, Alcalica, Palyrria, Insp – I – Ration Soundsystem, Dub Riots & Bluez, Disphonia, and others. Junior X can be now considered a veteran in music with deep knowledge and true love about his work.


Ο Insom (Μέντης Γαβριήλ) γεννήθηκε το 1987 από γονείς μουσικούς στο Παρίσι, αλλά μεγάλωσε στην Αθήνα. Όντας σε μουσικό περιβάλλον, ασχολήθηκε με κλασική μουσική από 8 χρονών και τελείωσε μουσικό λύκειο. Στην εφηβεία γνώρισε την ηλεκτρονική μουσική, το graffiti και το cubase. Μετά από χρόνια προσπαθειών, κυκλοφόρησε τα πρώτα του κομμάτια το 2008, ενώ από το 2011 και μετά συνεργάζεται με γνωστές ευρωπαϊκές και όχι μόνο drum & bass δισκογραφικές, Disturbed, Sinuous, Ammunition, AbductedLTD κ.ά.
Ο Insom δεν έχει βάλει όρια στις μουσικές του ανησυχίες και τα styles είναι πολλά. Θα τον ακούσετε να παίζει κυρίως neuro drum & bass, αλλά ανάλογα το πού και το πότε, εμπλουτίζει το πρόγραμμα του με reggaedub/ dubstep/ breaks και techno.
Έχει παίξει σε Βέλγιο, Ολλανδία, Ισπανία, Ισραήλ και Βουλγαρία, σε πολλά φεστιβάλ στην Ελλάδα σε διάφορες πόλεις (Athens Legalize, Beach Street, Αντιρατσιστικά κ.ά), και έχει μοιραστεί την σκηνή με ονόματα όπως οι Noisia, Dope DOD, Gaudi, Neonlight, Audio.


INSOM [aka Wosui] DubRiots/ UrbanDanja/ DeepBeats Bookings / Contact / Send ur Dubs AIM: insomud email: insom_gab_m@yahoo.gr https://www.facebook.com/insomAthens DOWNLOAD WAVS / MP3S http://insom.ba



Ο Νίκος χριστόπουλος aka NikoChristo είναι Dj, μουσικός & ραδιοφωνικός παραγωγός.Παίζει μουσική σε Βar & Club από τα 16 του.Ο θρυλικός “Κούκος” και το ιστορικό “Berlin” αλλά και το Booze, το Faust, το Six D.o.g.s και το Λούκουμι είναι μερικά μονο απο τα δεκάδες μαγαζιά που εχουν φιλοξενήσει τις μουσικές του επιλογές.Εκπομπές του μπορείς να ακούσεις στον Midnight Express Fm του Μεξικού (Innerspace), στον Orange Fm, στον Trust Athens Web Radio και στον Υou Web radio.

Tις μουσικές του παραγωγες μπορείς να τις βρεις στο Beatport και σε ολα τα μεγάλα ηλεκτρονικά δισκοπωλεία με την επωνυμία NikoChristo & Synas και σε συνεργασια με εταιρείες του εξωτερικού όπως η Smart Phenomena Records, Morninglory Music, Crosslink Records & Aeriform Records.

NikoChristo & Synas
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Sofiax Mantoudi was born in Athens, Greece on January 1979. It was during the early 90’s she first heard Goa trance which caught her attention and inspired her to create a project of her own to give the crowd a unique experience through her taste for Sound. After many years of exploring the trance scene, she finally initiated her project – DJANE SOFIAX in 2002.

She was well recognised after her various successful releases on Discovalley Records and Insomnia Records Co produced with the legend Kindzadza! Experience on label management gave her a better perception towards new visions and growth in the music scene.

Her unique mixing skills with the right taste of music were the very main reasons here dj sets were highly demanded by many festival/event organisers and promoters around the world. Sofiax is now currently working on her first solo release and is signed up with well known Labels such as Agartha Records (India) & Goanmantra Records (Italy). Stay tuned and expect to hear some of her music very soon!


Dj και παραγωγός.Το στυλ του είναι freestyle,δηλαδή ένα πάντρεμα μεταξύ διαφόρων ειδών μουσικής με κύρια όμως,το reggae,hip-hop,tropical,funk κλπ.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες:

https://twitter.com/takhs https://www.facebook.com/Musi-Kal-788224081262647/


Electro-Dub with many influences


Vlastur started his journey into music as a Bass player. Back in the mid-80’s, he was a founding member of the Cohash Funk, an underground funky Athenian group. In 1998 alongside Frequency Freak, fellow Cohash funk guitarist and Spiris, a dubby drummer, formed “Apeuthias Syndesi” now known as Direct Connection, a dub experimental laboratory. They released “Dub Infection” in 2007. Even though he started as a Bassist in Direct Connection, he was the main FX Sound Engineer of the band.

In the meanwhile he was also working as a session musician with various artists and bands. In 2004 he teamed up with Palyrria an ethnic-electronica band and in 2005 recorded “Methexy” with them and has played in many of their gigs.

The (InterAxion Dub-2009 Eqnation recs) project was the first fully length work of Vlastur. Influenced by all his beloved sounds from Dub to Dubstep trhough Psy, Ambient, Drum n’ Bass and Traditional Mediterranean sounds !

In early 2015 Parvati recs released the EP “Parvati In Dub by Vlastur”.It’s about a RMX project by him in Dub with some of very well known tunes of Parvati label artists flavored by Vlastur’s sound!!(second part is on the way).

He participated like bass player in the super band “Novelty Engine” with the artists Ajja,Cedric “Congo” Myton ,R.ZEE Jackson ,Steve Hillage (System 7),Miquette Giraudy (System 7) ,Dick Trevor, Ott and Dymons on August of 2015 at OZORA Festival in Hungary.

Exept those artists Vlastur has co-operated with artists such Gaudi,Bombay Dub Orchestra,Irina Mikhailova,Etnica,Tengri,Jef Stott and others.

Vlastur Full Band is the live project of him. The active members right now are: Dark Elf (Synth/Machines) + Adil Smaali on vox and Moroccian instruments+Tolis aka DreamMadeTeller on percussions and vox, Wee (Guitar) + G.Verix as a sound engineer, while other have been participating the previous years, like Frequency Freak (Guitar/Synths), Spyro K. (Drums), Helena S. (Vocals), Pan Kaperneka (Flute), Akbar (Percussion), Or Balak (Drums) and Dinos Z. on the sound consoles.
Vlastur believes that the sound evolves constantly while the vibe remains the same, from Rock n’ Roll to Punk and from Dub to Psy.

DJ Roses

DJ Roses heard Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” at 14 and decided right there and then that music has, by far, the best answers to all of life’s questions.

She started DJing professionally in 2007, when she thought she had finally learned all the answers by heart. (Along the way, of course, she discovered lots of new questions, but that’s another story)…

Her favorite music is everything rock, Motown soul, jazz, blues, disco, deep house, and almost everything in between.

Crystal Zero

Είναι γνωστός για την διοργάνωση εκδηλώσεων ποίησης, ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής, multi -media εγκαταστάσεων, δράσεων εφήμερης τέχνης και επιμέλειας ανεξάρτητων φεστιβάλ στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό (multi-media δρώμενα ποίησης “Περιβάλλοντα Λέξεων”, “Indie Free Festival”, “Electro Free Festival”, Β-Fest, Aντιαπαγορευτικό Φεστιβάλ, δημόσια rave parties, street parades, εικαστικά δρώμενα και εκθέσεις, συναυλίες πειραματικής μουσικής, διαλέξεις κ.α.).

Dj Invisible (aka Mindphaser)

Iraklis Mindphaser started djing in 1991 playing breakbeat and techno from vinyl records in small Athens parties. In 1992 he played at his first big party,Special Grooves of DJs(800 people open air party). In 1994 he created his first party team,called Rave Crew,with whom he organised a number of parties. By the end of 1996,after finishing a sound engineering school,he started working for Floorfiller Productions in the production department.Apart from the valuable knowledge he gained,he also had the opportunity to play with famous dj’s like Paul Oakenfold,Sasha,Nick Warren,Alex Neri(Planetfunk),Dave Ralph etc.

During the years 1997-8 he played in the biggest Athenian clubs (+Soda, Camel, Playroom) and was resident DJ of the Cream and Renaissance parties(popular London based parties)that took place in Greece for the first time(Corfu, Crete, Athens, Salonica).

In 1998 he started Mindphaser Music Trips,from which he got his nickname. Since 2000 he has been resident dj and the main organiser of 275+ Natural High events,which have been an opportunity for both famous like Infected Mushroom,Juno Reactor,Hallucinogen,Ethnica,Raja Ram,Skazi,Total Eclipse, Parasense,Talamasca,Orion,Joti,Electric Universe,LunaRave,KoxBox,M.W.N.N. + more…. and less known artists to play psytrance for the vivid audiences of Natural High. Natural High has also collaborated with Void Network, Loopsnoo Recs,Exposure Productions A.K. Iraklis Mindphaser has played in many festivals such as Sola Luna Festival 2002,E-FOS 2001, Electro Free Festivals 2,3,4,5-12, Kaiafas Int. Festival 2004, Samothraki 2005,Legalize Fest 06+07+08+10+11+12,Butterfly Festival 2006+2007 +Aurora Festival 2008+9,Indie Free, B fest 2009+10+11+13, 4G Festival,MCF,Hybrid Uv,+DXF on 2013 Free Earth2013+14+16 +more… as well as in Cyprus,India/Goa.

In 2005 a free trance fanzine called dancephotocopy was published and it is the trance voice of Greece and Cyprus in print.

Iraklis has a key role in dancephotocopy’s editing and publishing.

His musical style is Psychedelic Trance/Progressive/Breakbeat and technically he mixes beat to beat.