Junior X


Junior X

Junior’s style can be described as a melodic downtempo to atmospheric soundscaping. He has been working as a DJ for years in clubs and radios around Greece,he has participated in a number of international festivals and had the honour to find himself in the same stage with well-known artists such as: Eat Static, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, H.u.v.a. Network, Asura, Odiolab, Headweller, Ott, Gaudi, Ghetto Priest From Asian Dub Foundation, Direct Connection, Fleck, Vlastur, Alcalica, Palyrria, Insp – I – Ration Soundsystem, Dub Riots & Bluez, Disphonia, and others. Junior X can be now considered a veteran in music with deep knowledge and true love about his work.

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